Human-Machine Interaction

Human-Machine interaction is a top driving force of innovation at SELFTECH. We build intelligent mobile platforms that are aware of the surrounding scenario and are able to respond to human actions.

Whether to guide a lost tourist or to wander around showing off the latest gadget to consumers, a robot can also be designed to inform, entertain and advertise.

Distributed Systems for Robot Assisted Operations

Developing high-level software architectures for distributed sensor networks combined with robotic and other complex actuator systems, SELFTECH makes it easier for operators to perform a reliable situation assessment while immediately acting upon it.

Such systems are designed for remote monitoring and remote control, even in critical conditions, and are best suited for mapping, recognition and surveillance.

Mobile Autonomous Systems

By providing to its robotic systems the ability to make decisions based on real-time gathered information, SELFTECH offers the opportunity to design truly intelligent and autonomous products. SELFTECH has experience in developing systems for unstructured environments, enabling man made machines to operate with no human intervention.

This level of autonomy is achieved using top technology solutions for robot localization (calculating its position in a given environment) and navigation (enabling it to move to a destination point while avoiding obstacles). Among other applications, mobile autonomous robots are useful for goods transportation and human assistance.